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ways to advertise music on YouTube

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Let’s look at the best strategies for approaching your Shorts material to support better marketing and discovery of your music now that you know how to make, add your music to, and upload a Short!

The same guidelines apply when advertising your music on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or any other short form of social media.

Here are the main points to keep in mind:

Maintain simplicity

The viral material’s pleasure and simplicity make it so shareable and watchable.

Don’t strive too hard to develop a complicated story with a storyline line, three themes, and a cliffhanger finale.

The latest trend is relatable, spontaneous, off-the-cuff content, and fans love it. Turn on your front camera, press the record button, and watch what you can create!

If you make things too complicated, especially if it’s a dance or challenge, your viewers may become overwhelmed and become less likely to engage or, worse yet, click away.

Identify the “musical moment.”

It’s not typically enough to add your music and hope for the best when making a short-form video with your own track.

It would help if you exercised greater creativity than that.

The “musical moment” must be found.

That puts those 15 seconds at the front of it and is also known as the ideal 15 seconds or so of your song that’ll inspire others to create their own instructional, dance, or trend.

This idea is crucial mainly because it applies to practically every song that has gained popularity on other short-form platforms.

Consider visual

Videos have images. Keep it that way.

Think of some entertaining and original ways to enhance your Shorts’ visual appeal and characteristics in addition to simply recording yourself.

Memes are a surefire hit if comedy is your side business. What better approach to capture your audience’s attention than by adding a hilarious skit that will have them (and their friends) in stitches?

Not a member? That’s alright too! Without having to think of any of your own, there is already a tonne of meme-worthy, popular content and challenges that you may join.

Investigate the information that users are already interacting with on the discovery page to learn how you can utilize it to complement your music or artist brand in a novel, creative way.

Keep in mind what your fans like best.

Don’t forget to consider your back catalog when deciding which of your tracks to get creative with.

Or, more particularly, any songs that have already been highly received by your fans or have the most excellent chance of going viral or being catchy.

Having a previous hit is practically a guarantee that listeners will enjoy your short. Plus, you never know what kind of treasures you might be able to create with the information from your past!