ways to advertise music on YouTube

Let’s look at the best strategies for approaching your Shorts material to support better marketing and discovery of your music now that you know how to make, add your music to, and upload a Short! The same guidelines apply when advertising your music on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or any other short form of social media. […]

How to Post Your Music on YouTube and Promote It in Short Form

There are now YouTube Shorts, which are the platform’s response to TikTok. And just like with the addition of practically any new feature to a social or streaming platform, new marketing opportunities with the chance of going viral in the short-form video sector come along with it! Not to mention that 2 billion users—yes, billion […]

Best Vocal Warm-Ups for Singing Improvement

A type of musical athlete is a singer. And what should every athlete do in preparation for a significant performance? Of course, warm up those muscles! Vocal exercises are crucial for making your performance sound as good as it can and preserving your personal vocal health if you are a singer. Once you know the […]